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I wanted to question how everyone was doing the 'holidays' with their choosen families and came to this thread first and wanted to share how we finally created a FAMILY CELEBRATION...28 people I tell you..only a few missing.

It was thanksgiving time and we weren't sure when R was leaving on an oversea work assignment so I hosted a Holiday celebration at our home and invited EVERYONES family. We had relatives that know our dynamics well and have seen us all together. We have relatives that know the dynamics but never 'seen' it in action. We have relatives that kinda had an idea. we had relatives that might have been 'prepped' of our relationship prior to attending(this would be my mono daughters boyfriends parents that we met for the first time FINALLY)

How did it go, it was amazing (I think constlady mentioned what the 'mom's' said in conversation in another post) I feel grateful that we have all choosen family that fits into our values and that these values extend from the way were raised as our families do not have issue with our loves.

I would like to place one personal opinion on 'coming out' during a holiday period/wedding or other celebration that is not YOURS, (not that I should give advice)don't go to someones home for a celebration and ANNOUNCE something that is not expected or not their 'normal' it is very rude. So as much as you love your loves and want to announce from a rooftop save it for a day when you can invited them to YOU and make sure you have a pleasant enviroment to share how you feel - it also gives them a safe zone to be able to leave and think out their thoughts.

Our Christmas celebrations will be very different and it truly seems the best place for ALL to gather is our place and that's not a happening thing in my world this time of we spread out to gather together for a seasonal wrap up with constlady at her place with her grandchildren, soon to be nestled into bed for a long winter nap(ok I know I know we are dreaming) on the night of Christmas day.

Best wishes and holiday cheer to all!
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