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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
You know, I am so intrigued by how one single sentence in a message from a stranger can rub me either completeley the right or the wrong way. This line you quoted? wrong, wrong, wrong, and I can't even really explain why. Probably the 'be safe, be happy'' part is what irks me the most. But it's really more a gut feeling than something specific, because there is nothing really wrong with this line is there?

So far, every single time I did not listen to my gut feeling, and respondend positively to a message that my gut said was 'wrong', the follow up email conversation confirmed that gut feeling. Very fascinating.
Funny! I was thinking the same thing about the "be safe, be happy" making me feel really creepy somehow. Can't even articulate why.

Maybe it's him calling her a "young lady" too. Ick.

I feel guilty when I don't respond to messages based on a gut feeling of "wrongness" when there is nothing concretely wrong with the words--but it turns out my instincts are usually right.

I feel like the guy who just says "Want to eat me?!" is more honest and less manipulative than the guy who says "Be safe. Be happy." But why?

Maybe because the latter guy is already implying too much intimacy with the "young lady" he's messaging. It's not his business to admonish her to be safe or wish her to be happy. His phrasing of the message sounds too forced and too formal, too careful somehow.

Although I can see what a struggle it is to figure out how to word a message so that one doesn't sound creepy!
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