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Highlight from yesterday. Fairly calm again, until the afternoon, when I was taking Skye back to the house from an appointment. It didn't get to a shouting match or anything, but there was some heat in it. The topic was her feeling like she was being alienated by me, Buns, and Busbuddha. Skye asked that I not tell Buns and Busbuddha everything that she and I talk about. The reason she gave was so that she could have a chance to tell them stuff first, feel included instead of alienated. On the surface, it seemed reasonable, but something about it struck me wrong. The last time someone asked me to keep confidences in the midst of chaos, it was so that they could string everyone involved along, manipulate, and get us fighting among ourselves. Skye was not at all happy to hear my concerns about her request, as the person I was referring to is, well, a hated enemy.

The other issue I brought up is that no one is trying to alienate Skye, she's doing it all on her own by continuing to attack us, individually and as a whole. I reiterated that we're still healing from the last assault on us my her, and the way she's been changing things around over and over, we're all on the defensive, trying not to get hurt again. That too didn't go down well. I'm starting to believe that me speaking my mind, expressing my feelings like Skye's always wanted me to, isn't going to be pretty.

In related news, she and Buns later went to the new mall together. Everything seemed ok, as I talked to Skye a couple times on the phone while they were out. Not sure what, yet, but something happened between them on the way home. It was pretty obvious by their looks and body language that something was up. My guess, Skye let loose on Buns again, but I could be wrong.
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