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Gala, I don't know what I need to tend to my emotional bucket. More friends for sure. I don't want to go off searching for a true love to share all of my emotions, but some day I may let life lead me toward another person. Not now though.

I talked to her about my feelings of disappointment when I asked her what she was feeling about tomorrow night. She was tired and just missed that line in text. She said she was feeling fine and comfortable. She's a more low-key person so "OMG, I'm so super excited, eeep!!" would not be typical for her. She also said that she would really like for us to have sex. After other conversations, she knows that I am not able to do this without the mutual understanding that we're giving it another go. I said this again and she agreed, so that feels good (cautiously).

I worry that I will lean on her too much. It is hard for me (HUGE personality) to be with someone who gets overwhelmed by my emotions. Believe it or not we've been together 17 years. But we've always had enough other people around that he could get a break. Now, living in someplace fairly new, he's stuck with all of this personality and it freaks him out.

Btw, totally in therapy
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