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What is it you need more of to best tend to your emotional health bucket?

You can't turn to Programmer to share that side of you because he struggles with the Aspergers. You overdid it with Rose and she asked for some space.

So where do you express your emotional inner life at?

What are you really asking when you ask this:

I'm supposed to see Rose tomorrow. I am nervous and excited. We're best friends first, you know? I don't want to lean on her too much, I want to "just be" but I worry about it. When I asked her how she feels about seeing me tomorrow she said she does not feel anything. Honestly, that hurts my feelings a bit but I can't criticize how she feels about something.
What causes worry?

Did you want to hear a "Yes" answer to the question of "Are you looking forward to seeing me tomorrow?"

Something else? What were you hoping for as an answer?

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