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First off you're right...I have no intentions of living with him. Should I end up moving...I will be living by myself with my dog and cat!!!

Secondly I personally feel as we get older we tend to know quicker as to what it is we want. I'm not a young 20 something person who is still trying to figure out who she is. I know who I am...and I know what I want out of life...academically, professionally, and eventually in my personal life as well.

Third...he wouldn't be the only reason behind my move. I have worked my ass off the last 5 years going back to school and getting my degree with honors at that. It is very important to me to be successfull in my career...and where I live at this very moment, is going to make it close to impossible to achieve my goals.

So yes he would be a factor in my decision to move...but not the soul factor.
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