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Cool Wellllllll :)

Hello world

Yes'em jealousy in part, but more envy in whole.. In a way yes i worry about losing those i care about as "me caring about anyone" is a rarity. Its love actually. I wasn't meant to fall for her as my head kept saying. Heart had other ideas.

I always saw myself as a slut without attachment seems it doesn't work. But yes thinking about the good things she loves me also which was a bit of a oh my gosh moment for her also.

I did speak to her and she did settle things, i in a great part just don't have as many people to goto for any kind of support which is in my way what i'm envious of compared to the people.

But she had said to me i was that one person she could goto for anything, which everyone says lol.

But yeah i do have some insecurities.. I've found partners but in a bad sense they all have gotten greatly attached rather quickly. I i'm just amazed i found this girl to begin with lol.

Thankyou for your words.

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