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Originally Posted by crisare View Post

I dunno. To me "break up" is pretty accurate in describing the state and the pain felt, in most cases.
I don't deny that this happens. I think it is the lead up to the break down that causes it to be so catastrophic. If both partners are honest in the relationship at each step then maybe the positives could be salvaged. I see this in another mono/poly couple I know. They recognize that their relationship will come to an end at some point as the boundaries become to mutually too restrictive. They have agreed to take the most from their relationship and reshape it before it ends in resentment. There will still be pain but they will focus on what is real, healthy and possible. I find them very strong and positive in this approach.

If there is a breakdown in trust I totally see your point. I've been there myself.

I agree with you but am disheartened by it just the same

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