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Originally Posted by Silkanie View Post
His partner that it doesn't seem you know much about at all will (be in the same house?) have significant power over the stability of your living arrangements . . . Make sure you can live with him.
I did not get the sense from the OP's post that she wants to move in with him, but just to move closer to him and live in his city. And we do not even know whether or not his other relationship is with someone he lives with, so jumping the gun a bit there.

However, I agree that it's too soon. We have many situations where someone transplants themselves to be near a lover when it is very early on in the relationship, and it pretty much crashes and burns very soon after the move. There are many threads about it here.

OP, just keep in mind that the beginning stages of a relationship is a period where we are influenced by chemicals in our brain (oxytocin, endorphins, etc.) and are basically drugged into thinking we're falling in love, when it is really just the newness, excitement, and lust. Not a good time to make big decisions when we're stoned.
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