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This weekend, he went out of town with friends to a show. Beforehand, he shaved everywhere, got a haircut.. and we hadn't talked at all about him being with another girl.
So.... when you noticed the extra primping before going out, did you ask what that was all about?
I talked with his friend the night before they left and jokingly set up ground rules for the weekend "No jail, no stds!".
Why are you joking with the friend rather than getting what you need to know from the BF? Clarificiation if his intent is to cash him his "free pass card?"

The idea of a girlfriend still seems good, and the idea of us being together and sexual and emotion together seems good, so.... i guess, I just don't know what the problem is?
a)Could it be you are upset because you did not want him to use the "free pass card" and did not articulate it at the time?

b) Could it be that you are bothered by casual sex hookups because you prefer sex and emotion to come together and be more meaningful and not just recreational? Wanted him to actually date a bit first not just jump into bed with the first willing partner?
I think you guys could talk and sort out your parameters for how to be in right relationship to each other while in this "Open and Dating" phase where you both are seeing other people.

I don't think you sound like you are both are on the same page.

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