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Unhappy New to all of this and need advice!

HI I am Nikki and I am married to Mr. S. We started talking to Ms. S, not dating yet just talk about the idea.
I really like this girl and so does Mr. S. My problem right now is that Mr. S is deleting texts from and to Ms. S. He says he is not, but I saw some text earlier in the day and now their gone. Ms. S says theres nothing to worry about. And i wanna believe her.
I wanna think it's just him not being sure if it's ok to talk to her the way he wants and doesn't wanna make me mad.
We have been married 3 year and have only talked about bring someone else into our life. Before this we have never been poly. So I'm guesing it's just him not being sure.
I want everything to be open and I told him if this is to work he needs to be open with me.
How do I over come this. How do I let him know its ok and he doesnt have to hide things and lie to me?
Any advice is welcome! Thank you! <3
<3<3<3 Perfect!
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