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So...been away a little while. Been focusing on getting kinks straightened out. Things have been going pretty well i would have to say. The other day my husband went out hunting with a woman who hunts with him and his buddies regularly. Her husband is one of these buddies. I didnt mind at all. He was up front about it being a woman...etc. and made sure i didnt mind. When he got home he was talking to his "gf" and she got VERY upset about it. Asked him if he was really hunting, stuff like that. She was extremely jealous over it. I guess later she told him that she didnt like it at all and she wasnt about to share him. Well...i have to share him...and I'M his WIFE. It took us by complete surprise. She has NEVER been jealous. I wonder if its actual jealousy of me? She says no...but where did that come from? How should i take this and how should we handle it if it arises again?
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