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Exclamation Mod note

Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
[/B]In the text, the OP specifically said that it was about "keeping outside involvements limited only to "sex (f**k) buddies" or "friends with benefits" status only, and not allowing these interactions to progress to relationships (bf/gf, romantic, etc)."


So based on my (possibly flawed) interpretation of it, I don't think that it is relevant to a poly forum at all, and tried to steer the poster to a place that they may get better answers about how to restrict a relationship to be sex only.
CdM got it right the first time. The OP's setup of the thread had no relation back to a poly context and was closed as off-topic. We have blended the threads together and placed them in the fireplace which is where off-topic threads go.

Now, if there's people wanting to discuss FWB's which are somehow related to the poly context, (I too started out in such a relationship and still see them frequently in the community) then by all means, those threads are perfectly valid for the General Discussions area, alongside the previous iterations.

A reminder that if a thread get's locked, it's perfectly fine to PM the mods and ask the question as to why, or even use the report post feature to do so (although not really it's intended purpose). However, reposting the same content over again is just liable to run you afoul of whatever had the original thread locked to begin with. Usually when threads are locked, it's to give things time to cool while the Mods are discussion what actions to take on a particular thread.

Thread is now unlocked.
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