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Default Shifting sexual desire between partners

So, something happened last night that I'm still thinking about today.

I was out by myself, had a couple of drinks, and was texting my BF Curlz. He lives in another city, I haven't seen him for a week, will see him this weekend, I was missing him. The texting got a little sexy and we were talking about how much we were looking forward to sleeping together this weekend

I was turned on, feeling sexy. Then I went home and had sex with my husband. It was good sex, and it wasn't like I was thinking of my BF while having sex with my husband, but when I woke up this morning I did feel a little weird about it. I don't think I would have dragged my husband to my bed if it had not been for the dirty texting I'd been doing with the BF.

Of course, sex with one or the other is very very different, and it's not like being with Ren has made my itch to be with C go away. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone ever experienced this, and if so, does it make you feel guilty? If you have multiple partners, do you feel that wanting sex is about you wanting sex no matter with whom, or do you feel a specific desire to have sex with a specific person? Could you feel lust for one of them and then not want to sleep with another?

Just musing.....
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