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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
In the text, the OP specifically said that it was about "keeping outside involvements limited only to "sex (f**k) buddies" or "friends with benefits" status only, and not allowing these interactions to progress to relationships (bf/gf, romantic, etc)."

I took that "not allowing" to mean that it was about restricting any involvement to purely sex and that all romantic interactions, let alone relationships were verboten. So this isn't about people choosing a specific relationship to be suited to a FWB relationship, but that there were restrictions in place than the only thing allowed outside the primary couple was sex.

So based on my (possibly flawed) interpretation of it, I don't think that it is relevant to a poly forum at all
Your interpretation may be correct, but even if it is, isn't this a great place then to hear from a LOT of people how trying to keep a boundary or limitation like that will most likely be impossible? Over and over people here say, for myriad reasons, that you feel what you feel. Emotions can't be controlled. Perhaps the conversation would be a wake-up call, especially if the OP was looking for more "how-to" help. I don't know, but I agree that since there were legitimate responses posted from multiple poly people (I mean geez, how many of us came to poly from FWB or FB situations?? I know I did!) who felt the question worth answering, locking the thread was unwarranted.
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