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Default But for lack of advice :D

Hello world

Well i'm here and i hope to get some answers as it where.

I knew i've always been poly in the sense of one sexual partner alone doesn't do it for me, and i've always felt attraction to other people which could have been more then mere sex in alot of cases but i never heard of polyamory til about 6 months ago.

I met a girl and we just stuck a total cord, at a fetish party of all things which i got told was a one in a million. So we got together just enjoyed each others company, i knew how she was, i was understanding yet, lacking understading .

I was a bit funny when she was with her master or some people but thought little of it, BUT then she said she had fallen for me and i knew i had her.

Now thats in small part the problem, i've not been in love for a long time and this is a totally new way of things for me, i do get envious of of her other partners some days. But one in general has me becuase he is close by and she can see him easily, Even has a pet name for him. So i feel a bit shattered and though she said its nothing to worry about i see less and less of her.

In general i'm reading the ethical slut and trying to get my head around the jealousy and sluts in love setion. NEITHER is helping but in part actually making it worse.

I know in part my own lack of any other connection bar her is a problem and sadly its like being any single guy, Slowly and surely things will come along.

I just am annoyed the book says "relax jealousy is ok" but i'm not learning to feel better about it because it says i need my needs to be met "which they aren't" And i don't know what in the dark lords name to do about it.

Gah at world

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