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I think from what I've seen thus far that there's been good communications and educational value in the forum (overall).
I do agree with what a couple of people have mentioned in that it's on occasion taken a Jerry Springer-ish turn, which in my opinion doesn't really contribute to the whole in any real meaningful way. Maybe this is kind of what some are feeling when they feel a need for some way to "privatize" some of the conversations ? Maybe one solution to that would be simply to create a section called "The Hot Seat" or somesuch and to encourage people, when they get this private back & forth thing going that distracts from the OP, to just take it to the Hot Seat and work out their differences there. I think that would leave the OP thread cleaner and more valuable for either visitors, folks new to the whole concept & curious, or people who just want to soak up theory & practice rather than debate. I guess I question the value for the greater number in watching 2 or 3 strong personalities hash out their differences in public. By giving them a place to do that and allowing those people interested to go there and engage or follow along maybe everyone's needs could be met.
But overall I think the forum has much potential for both educating people new to the experience or acting as a sounding board for more experienced people who may have just come into a circumstance that is new to THEM and would call out for insights from others.

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