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I've said this before so i don't want to sound as though I'm stuck in a feedback-loop BUT...

I wish people weren't so hung up on "judge not lest ye be judged". The kind of "judgment" that is being discussed on this forum is not biblical-style judgment. So far I haven't seen anyone here suggesting or endorsing that someone be stoned or excommunicated for their lifestyle choices.

The kind of "judgment" that we DO see on this forum is the type that speaks more about the person MAKING the judgment than it does about the person "being judged", and is not on the social order of violating someone's human rights.

Having said that, sometimes people need to hear things they don't want to hear. Internet forums are a great way of providing that because sometimes the people we have in our day-to-day lives are either too close to give us an objective opinion, or we may not hear their opinions in a way that effectively gets the message across.

There is barely a fine line between "opinion" and "judgment" and sometimes there is no difference in essence, only differences in the way something is perceived. Keep in mind that if I'm "judging" you, you can walk away from me or not listen, and there is not a thing I can do about that. I can "judge" you all I want, but only you can allow yourself to "be judged".

(Again, all "you"s are general, not aimed at RedPepper, Ceoli, Joreth, or anyone else in particular)
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