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We could all work out our own contracts based on needs & fairness & love. Legally binding but agreed upon.
I agree with this entirely, though... I think the SAME thing, voluntary contract, would handle the healthcare thing just fine.

It was a contract devised by various bureaucracies with their own best interest at heart (read insurance lobby, IRS, religion etc) and not the signees of the contract.
I'm gonna key in on the world "devised" and note the origin. It wasn't for corporate protectionism (whcih I agree is far too rampant...). The actual historical reason is rooted deeply in racism. Marriage "licenses" and state-sanctioning (and later, state monopolization) were designed to prevent "undesireables" from marrying. Blacks and whites, for instance.

I sorta chuckle at things like this article in general. I find it amusing how everyone needs to define and analyize, categorize and pass judgement on my lifestyle when I'm just fine with it. :P
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