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Default a few clarifications

I had a hard time starting this post, and I had a feeling it wasn't going to come off as well as I had expected. And filling the void isn't necessarily accurate for us either: when my wife is out, I'm at home with our child, vice versa. Were childcare not an issue, I don't think a lot of my problems would be present.

I'm not looking for someone to fill the void that I feel I'm lacking from my wife's attention, the point of us diving into polyamory was to try to grow as people so that our relationships provide new aspects to us during our time together.

My key frustration in this is finding a companion who is flexible enough to spend time with me when I do get the opportunity to get out of the house.

At the matter about the whole "sharing" someone, I totally agree with the implications of that language, and no, I'm not wanting the dessert with two spoons. I wrote it in haste, aggravation, and also in jest to go along with the unicorn statement previously; it was a bit of a cop out because yes, it would be easier than me lone wolfing this, and it seems like what a great deal of people out there are looking for.
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