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Default Good post

Hey Quath,

Yes - that was an interesting read.
Personally, I feel all the various legal protections etc are all very workable things and probably need to be reworked anyway.
And the primary debate - the one revolving around health care - was one that needed serious addressing anyway outside any poly debate. Hopefully we are getting one step closer to that. If basic health care for every INDIVIDUAL was addressed completely outside any relationship arrangement then I believe the rest of the challenges could relatively easily be addressed contractually by consenting, informed adults. I've always viewed "marriage" as primarily a legal contract anyway - only that the contract was drawn up without any input from the "contractees". It was a contract devised by various bureaucracies with their own best interest at heart (read insurance lobby, IRS, religion etc) and not the signees of the contract.
We could all work out our own contracts based on needs & fairness & love. Legally binding but agreed upon.

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