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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Originally Posted by Some guy on OKC You seem like a wonderful young lady, and I would love to talk sometime, maybe become friends. I hope all is well, and to hear from you soon. Be safe. Be happy.

You know, I am so intrigued by how one single sentence in a message from a stranger can rub me either completeley the right or the wrong way. This line you quoted? wrong, wrong, wrong, and I can't even really explain why. Probably the 'be safe, be happy'' part is what irks me the most. But it's really more a gut feeling than something specific, because there is nothing really wrong with this line is there?

So far, every single time I did not listen to my gut feeling, and respondend positively to a message that my gut said was 'wrong', the follow up email conversation confirmed that gut feeling. Very fascinating.
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