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Originally Posted by Some guy on OKC
You seem like a wonderful young lady, and I would love to talk sometime, maybe become friends. I hope all is well, and to hear from you soon. Be safe. Be happy.
His profile said he was looking for single girls. Admittedly it included "friendship" so I'll assume that's why he contacted a person who's non-single-two-fold.

So I responded:

Originally Posted by Me
Have you ever heard of polyamory? What do you think of it?

Originally Posted by Some guy on OKC
Yes I certainly have. Poly, from the Greek, meaning many. And amor, from the Latin, meaning love. I personally am extremely open to the endless possibilities of everything.
First, I love how he starts with a definition of the word's roots. $10 says he Googled that on the spot. I know what the word means, or I wouldn't be asking about it. Duh. Then he went into some diatribe about how it would never work, given "human nature" and how humanity is inherently dishonest and people are prone to jealousy. So cynical, makes me wonder why he bothers dating at all? Who wants to date jealous liars even if they're monogamous?? So in what sense is that being "extremely open to the endless possibilities of everything?" Sounds more like he's made up his mind against it.

I also find it extremely amusing that he mentioned in his profile that he went to a "Prestigious Top Ranked Prep School." Like, the first thing "about" him besides location. Pretentious much?
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