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Question Furthering my understanding

I was previously in a polyamoryous relationship with 2 ladies. the relationship lasted about 9 months. It's ending was the culmination of many things. To keep things simple and respect privacy I will refer to the other parties as Jen and Nan.

The relationship was new for me and initially very appealing. after making the commitments to both women I began to see things differently, not bad, I just realized the amount of attention that is necessary to hold such a relationship together. Added to the already challenging situation was influence from a social group that Jen and Nan belonged to. For me, the lifestyle from this social group incorporated into our relationship was the killer. They had an expectation that I would adopt all the principles they live by and all would be well. I did not.

I admit fault for not exercising more patience and making on the whim decisions.

So here's where I am now. I am still interested in a polyamorous relationship, BUT, I feel it prudent to learn more before attempting to court or court into another polyamorous relationship.

I welcome input from others, and please give me more than one liners. Detailed explanations of situations help more than just trying to "Direct me"
"What" is always so obvious, "why" is always key.
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