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To bring this back on is what I have seen over the last year with Redpepper's son. (6 years old)

Phase one:

Wow a new playmate and friend to hang out with and show my toys

Phase two:

Quiet at times, looking introspectively at his mom and me. The look of "are you here to take my mommy or replace my dad? Hesitancy and a little defensive.

Phase three (the one we are in now)

Considers us all family, in his words a team. Looks forward to our time together as a family as well as getting some private times. A little jealous of his Mom for hogging me LOL!

In short - I think he is a very happy and thankful boy. He happily bounces around all there of us in social settings and tells me he loves me. I love him as well.

I see no negatives outside of external opinions to any child in a loving environment with loving people in matter how many.


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