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Originally Posted by Estar View Post
I'm a mono, that I often feel a bit wobly when they bring up the subject. I really want to find the key to living this to the full.

Thank you for your words,

This statement is one that stuck a cord with me. I just spent the day at a poly family get together...swimming, skating, and a potluck. We all had a great time. Redpepper, her husband, son and I attended with about ten other people and two other children. It was relaxed and a friendly environment for those of us living outside the norm.
I found myself thinking about all the community has to offer. The friends, the family, the potential to experience lovers....and I felt a bit like a weight on Redpepper that prevents her from experiencing this to the fullest....I don't know how she does must be so frustrating. I'm not sure what experiencing poly to the fullest would be for a mono person really? If you find out, please let me know

Back to our regularly scheduled thread on poly and children.

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