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Default Exploring options in Houston, TX

I don't know at what point I came to a realization that indeed it does take a village. Hello everyone! I'm Monica. I am happily married and recently we have been discussing the idea of a triad. Because my husband and I both understand the implications and stigma attached to an "alternative" lifestyle, I decided to look online. I have found this site very informative and made me feel at ease.
My husband and I have a very open relationship and the idea of having someone else in our lives is exciting and scary at the same time.
We are both professional people, social and outgoing. We have never been in the company of other practicing polys. My fear comes from being rejected by my loved ones, especially because we are all practicing Christians. It's not necessarily accepted to be different. I know my family wouldn't understand and neither would our friends. I've had relationships with other women, but this time around I come with a husband. It's not about fling, it's about having an additional team member to help pick up the slack where needed. It's about sharing an abundance of love. Even if I get to meet friends here and use this medium as an outlet for my thoughts, fears and hopes. I hope to get feedback from those more experienced.
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