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Default Hello, this is me. Please judge.

My name is Larry, I have many nicknames which include: Bert, Charlie, Terminator, TJ and a couple others.

I'm actually married right now, I'm not happily married and she knows it. I'm not on this ( or these kind) site to look for anyone to cheat on my wife, nor do I want that/those person/people to feel like I'm leaving her for them, that's sort of why I put single on my status. In any case she wouldn't want to be poly anyways. Unfortunately I am without a car right now and have nowhere I can go. I am trapped in my own doing, and now I suffer for it. I asked her once about being poly she said "No, I'm too selfish."

Poly is not the reason I am not happy with my wife, I don't want anyone to think I'm leaving her to go and be poly with someone, that's just wrong in my book. We have our own issues, problems, etc...
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