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Dear Mono,

I am a unregular guest on this forum. But I really like reading the stories and questions people write. They remind me that there are more people dealing, experiencing 'deep' feelings and adventures in their relationships. They give me a time to reflect my feelings and I come at ease.
I always really look for your writing. I'm a mono too and my husband isn't and I'm dealing with this in a way that could be improved I suppose. It feels like the trick is that because I really love him and want to live my life with him I have to accept him as he is though this is not how I am. Hmm and really say goodbye to times past when things were different (just the 2 of us and our 2 kids). Live here and now. We 3 have together now 4 kids (3+1) which are wonderful and a great gift to our lives but it made my life far more complicated then I ever imagined. My husband, she and I get emotionally strechted to the limits. Our lives sometimes really sound like a soapstory, one you think is a bit over the edge. I'm a sometimes really jealous and mourn over times past, but these feelings pass and I can be happy and feel fascinatingly blessed by these wonderful people around me.

Anyway thank you.
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