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So I realized I may need to ask for some reasurance today.

Some background:

Primal and I used to have our night on Thursdays. In October we lost our night three times (once because of Lamian and twice because of Peaseblossum). Because Thursday is also D&D game night we decided to move our day to Sundays so we actually have some time where it can just be us (as opposed to only getting maybe a half hour together after big social time). We also planned to spend this weekend coming up together to make up the time we lost.

Peaseblossum's mom is out of town right now due to a death in the family and told Peaseblossum she has to take care of her grandmother and the dog. Peaseblossum's mom is very against her relationship with Primal and has stated he's not allowed in her house (also he used public transportation which would not get him from her mother's house to work). He's been trying to convince her to go home tonight so they can have the time together.

Sunday she was stating that she wouldn't be able to be home because that would mean there'd be a 24 hour period the dog would be alone and threw a fit when he refused to go and spend that day with her because it was going to be our day.

Now I need the reassurance because on Saturday she made a comment about taking him home with her this coming Saturday (It's Darkeye's birthday and Lamian was joking that Primal can't have the 12 girls that are invited over because it's not his birthday) and now I know she's going to want to guilt him into spending the whole weekend with her because she didn't get to see him this week.

He gave me some reassurance on Saturday when she made the comment because he noticed I got visibly upset by it and let me know that wasn't going to happen because he promised it with me. But now my head is spiraling on me and needs to just hear that again.
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