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Well, my last few weeks have been overly busy and distressing and fun and tiring and all over the map.

Trip to Fla was very difficult. Our dad is 84 and really losing it. My sister and I spent 3 days cleaning out our late mom's housewares, and she has quite a collection. We took 6 carloads to Goodwill and packed up about a dozen boxes for each of us as well.

Dad is being extremely stupidly stubborn about moving out of his condo and over near my sister on her side of the state. He's ungrateful she makes the drive to care for him once a month! He's also depressed and drinks too much. Grrr....

Then I had to fly home barely ahead of Sandy! Scary! Changed planes in Newark. I was on one of the last flights out of there before it closed!

Just before I went away, one of miss pixi's 2 dogs died after 5 weeks of illness, probably cancer. Oy. So much to process!

So! Now home and reconnecting with miss pixi and Ginger. And also had my first date with the new guy I mentioned above. Turns out he's been looking for someone to Domme him for 4 years and I think we're a pretty good fit. He's nice, he's attractive, he's upbeat and smart. I find myself interested in this dynamic with him. He is incredibly infatuated with me. Into household service as well as any romantic/sexual/kink stuff I can offer. On our date last Friday, he took me out for a huge sushi and sake lunch, for which he paid. Then we did a little thrift store shopping... back to my place then, where he met miss pixi and we all chatted a while. Then we "scened..." as the terminology goes. Good times. He wants to see me again this Friday.

Maybe I will nickname him SubbieBoy here.
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