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Originally Posted by LadyMacbeth View Post
Last night my husband and I were discussing our "poly utopia" and fantasizing about what it would be like to have all of our circle (which involves six, me, my husband, my bf, my husbands gf and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's other gf...yikes) over for a poly family holiday with a wonderful dinner, games, a fire in the fireplace, gifts...and no hiding. I would love to have my family there, my husband's family...etc. I would love to sit on the sofa between my husband and bf holding both of their hands in front of our friends and family.

Anyone every achieved this?
Actually, yes we have! As a matter of fact, last night the four of us attended the work Christmas party for the agency where rosevette and M both work. We sat together, were affectionate with each other just like we normally are, danced together etc. If anyone had a problem with us, I didn't notice it

We also had a huge Thanksgiving gathering that included family members from all of our biological families. At that party I overheard R's mom and rosevette's step mom having a conversation about "the situation with rosevette and M." The jist of it was that while they didn't understand it, it seemed to be working well and R's mom said she's never seen him happier.
That was a great warm fuzzy moment for me!

Sometimes I think we're just blessed but we really haven't had any problems coming out to our families or friends. Of course, speaking only for myself, anyone who has known me for any length of time rarely is surprised by anything I do

As we've grown together, it has become more natural for the others involved in our lives to think of us as just a rather large family. Since that's how we see ourselves, maybe that's just what we project?

Whatever it is, I can tell you that your poly utopia is pretty awesome to live!
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