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Congratulations on getting over that hurdle, that's some scary stuff huh?!?! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that she is open to hearing you out more on this, since you didn't come at her with some sort of "must have now!" attitude.

I do hope that now that you've confided this in her you are able to focus on that for awhile and maybe putting off connecting with other poly peeps in person for a bit until you process this with her and can let her know you want to network and talk and learn from the groups? I think that is what I would want from a partner - finding out they were reaching out to others before they'd really worked through things with me might scare me off. Slow and steady and all that - I know it's exciting and freeing to have it out in the open, and you've been thinking about it forever, but I just don't want you to forget that for her it's new and not taking it carefully could backfire so badly.

Doesn't sound like that is your intent, and hope I'm not raining on your parade, I am happy for you, I just like to look out for all parties involved and all that I wish you well!
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