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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
The judgment that blocks some people from even talking to me is that they conduct their relationships from the perspective of being an entity un to themselves and they have several partners outside of that. Our relationship is based on "we" are the entity. Does that make sense? I would not want to be an entity on my own with partners. It sounds lonely and sad to me. I love being in a tight nit entity of three.
What you're saying makes perfect sense. The "I" entity seems to be mostly a privilege of the young, unattached, and/or childless. The "we" entity can be a foriegn concept for those who haven't experienced it. Similarly as those who have been a part of "we" long enough might forget what it was like to be an "I".

What you describe sounds strikingly similar to how I expect some mono's would feel talking to poly's sometimes. While poly's might question them about their lack of freedom being 'limited' to only one person for the rest of their life...the mono's, if they've considered the alternatives or not, may be perfectly happy with exploring the depth of their own relationship, rather than the breadth of experiencing others. Particularly the cases of established, long term successful monogamous couples (as opposed to the serial sorts) they may very well understand your "we" better than perhaps some of your "I"-am-poly friends.
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