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Originally Posted by Krazykitty View Post
I'm not entirely convinced that I'm "MONO" because I really believe in polyamory, it's just putting it in to practice that's hurting so much. My husband says that I shouldn't put limits on whom he's with or activities etc otherwise I am not allowing him freedom. I would really like to practice pure love like that with him, how can I do it without feeling bereft?
Something about this story makes me think that both of you should be putting down the Magick books, and picking up some on communication. If there's an issue you and your husband will need to work on it'll be addressing each others needs in your current relationship. From your post it sounds like he might be running through a kid in the candy store kind of phase. If you're not feeling the love, then you will probably need to communicate that to him. While comparing yourself to prospective or real metamours may be a counterproductive activity...the same applies to taking a paramour for granted. If he made sure that you were still feeling the magick between the two of you, would it be necassary to limit him?
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