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I have really loving, kind, talented, giving partners.

I went home sick today after getting a flu bug from Brad this past weekend. I spent the day rushing to the bathroom and feverishly sleeping. By this afternoon I was empty, thirsty, hungry and ready to see if something would stay down. Mono came home early to check on me, clean the bathroom, pick up LB to take him to piano. A job I was going to do myself today. Derby came over shortly afterward and made me two yummy concotions one with hot water, ginger, honey and the other with freshly squeezed juice, salt and cold water. I've never tasted anything so good in all my life! She's a lovely nurse. So calm, merry and reassuruing with her ways. I felt very safe and taken care of. PN came home after those two left and made Mono, LB and himself dinner before going out. All day Brad texted me apologizing, offering support by empathizing and promising to make it up to me.

I feel somewhat better now. Just waiting for Mono and LB to come in and entertain me while I lay here with their banter and video game talk. I suspect I will nod on and off, but feel I content and loved.
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