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Originally Posted by cherrygirl View Post
Why isn't one person enough?
Do you have more than one friend? If so- why? Isn't one friend enough? Actually, if you have any friends: why isn't your partner enough for you? Why do you need friends when you've got your partner?

I don't put enough distinctions between relationships- I don't see how a friendship is so different from a romantic/sexual relationship. I know they are different, but I don't see why your partner is the only relationship where you're limited to one. People can have many friends, even several best friends, etc- yet having more than one partner is inconceivable. Why does it make sense that one friend isn't enough, but is inconcievable that one partner isn't?

Originally Posted by dakid View Post
i am queer and many of my friends are too. many of us have in our youth grappled with the old chestnut "why am i not heterosexual?".
Offtopic, but I never wondered that. I never once wondered why I was asexual, transsexual, or anything else. I more wondered what was wrong with everyone else in the world that they weren't, or assumed that everyone else really was. Ah, youth.

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