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Both ears (twice): bottom piercings are at 10 gauge. Top holes are general 18 gauge holes (but in the left ear it tore out so I actually have a piercing and a split so I rarely wear earings in the top hole on my right ear).

Navel: but it needs to be re-pierced. lost most of the jewelry and by the time I found them all (moving) the bottom part of the hole had just shrunk up a little bit and needs to be re-opened.

Nose: Used to be pierced. Had it done twice but both times any time I would take out jewelry to change it out (so basically jewelry was out for maybe 5 min max) the inside part of the piercing would start to close up and I'd have to re-puncture it every time. Finally just said screw this.

Current Tattoos (in order gotten):

1: Two kittens on my left hip bone. One is sleeping and the other is pouncing on the sleeping one. One of my nicknames is happycat so it felt right to get some kittens.

2: Tribal/Celtic stylist horse on right shoulder. The horse is my spirit animal and they have saved my life in many ways.

3: Polyamory symbol on the nape of my neck.

4: Starts on left shoulder. On the shoulder is a autostic guitar with orange roses and ivy on it. Coming out from the guitar and curving around my side to a point about 2 inches above the kittens is a treble clef scale of music notes (red, red-orange, orange, orange-yellow, yellow, yellow-green, green, green-blue, blue, blue-purple, purple, purple-red).

5: The word love on my left wrist in support of the organization To Write Love on Her Arms.

Tattoos still in the planning stages:

1: 4 Lotus flowers on my right calf. A blue one for spirituality over the material, a red lotus for love, a purple lotus for mysticism, and an orange lotus for the quest towards enlightenment.

2: A Dia de los Muertes sugar skull on my left calf. It has a multidue of flowers in it (including in the eyes) and in the place of the cross in the forehead I'm going to have the Om symbol.

3: A Japanese style tattoo of a dolphin jumping out of water over a pheonix. The fire from the pheonix's tail will touch the dolphin on the nose and the water will be at the base of the pheonix's feet. This is going to be on my right side and is my yin yang.

4: A fire fae on my left outer thigh. Thinking having it look like a realistic woman who has flames eating up her body.

5: A water fae on my left inner thigh. Thinking of having a woman sitting at on some rocks and her skirt that is falling over them slowly turning into a waterfall.

6: An earth fae on my right inner thigh. Woman covered in ivy and flowers.

7: An air elemental on my right outer thigh. Wanting this one to be a bit more androrgenous because I want it to have the feel of the shape of a person being made out of mist and smoke.

8: A spirit elemental on my back. Native American woman with wolf on one side of her and a snake curled around her body.

9: The words "Ob La Di Ob La Da" on my right wrist. This one I hope to be able to hold off as long as I can. My dad has determined when he dies he wants to donate his body to science and that is going to be my memorial tattoo for him.
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