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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I also think you may want to consider dating other people yourself so you are not so focused on him.
Kind of scared to do that if our relationship is on the rocks. I feel like it'd hurt his feelings and that I'd lose him entirely.

Not saying that's right -- just might need to work out stuff between us first. I'm not sure.

For example:
Last night, my roommates/neighbors threw a house show at my collective. I had a lot of work but planned on going for a little bit and expressed this. Hinge texted me to ask if he could spend the night. He was bringing a guy that I've had a crush on for a long time that has since moved out of town. (Hinge was aware of my crush on that person). I also thought he was bringing his OSO because he had asked to. I told him I didn't really want him to spend the night that night, and that I sort of wanted to flirt with Other Guy. He got really offended that I was hitting on someone he was bringing to an event and that I would "plan on doing that in front of him." I was really confused on how that was different then him bringing his OSO to all the events at my house. (She didn't end up coming because she didn't want to, but at the time I didn't know that, and she was invited).

So my conclusion is that he's feeling insecure in our relationship and to get into a close friendship or relationship now would probably just make him withdraw (that's what he does when he's upset) and that I would lose him a lot to his OSO. Puts me in a weird situation, though.
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