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Default One small step for poly, one giant leap for lostlion :)

Hi I'm new here and if you didn't read my Intro post then I'll quickly run it through for you.
I'm from RI, USA, I've been in a 13 year mono relationship, have 2 kids, and have been poly/open before I knew what polyamory even was. Meaning I knew I was different but it wasn't "politically correct" to be with more the one person at the time for me. FYI: It wasn't just the sex it was the feeling of being complete that I couldn't get.
Anyway, my girlfriend/mother of my children of 13 years did not know I was poly-curious until 2 days ago YES I TOLD HER!!! YEAHHHH!!! The weight has been lifted and I feel great to have gotten it off my chest but....... I'm still not sure how she feels about it She didn't seem thrilled but also she didn't seem mad either. I just hope she doesn't try to sweep it under the rug because, you guys and gals know, it's not going away that easy.
I love her very much and don't get me wrong she ultimately decides my fate because I couldn't see myself without her. But that also doesn't mean it just goes away all of a sudden. I just hope she talks to me about it and understands. She is bi-sexual so I'm not saying it's the same but she should understand some what :/ (I'm straight by the way lol )
Well hopefully I can meet some nice people here and maybe make some early connections Because right now I'm on top of the world
Thanks for listening to my wonderful rant everyone....
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