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I'm on my way home from Home Country. It was really nice to see family and friends! Things are very good with JJ. We met and talked, I packed the rest of my things and he was planning his visit to Dream City to see me. My mom said that this is a prime example of what a divorce should look like. We still want what's best for each other and there's no bitterness or anger. I'm glad there hasn't been any drama.

Things are good with Bob as well. We are still FWB, but now it's just long distance. We meet when it's possible (mainly when I'm visiting Home Country) and meanwhile keep in touch. We had a few difficult and emotional conversations and as a result we seem to understand each other better. He did mention that he is open to both exclusive and non-exclusive relationships, so it is very possible that one day he's in a monogamous relationship. We talked about whether we have enough in common to keep this friendship together if there's no sex and intimacy. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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