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Exclamation User Guidelines -- Part 2

Posting Basics

• General Editorial Policy •

Everything that is posted here is subject to our editorial control. We may delete materials, in whole or in part, to maintain the integrity of the site. We may edit materials instead of deleting them to bring the materials into conformance with our guidelines; we will remove any material we find objectionable, whether it involves an issue explicitly discussed in these guidelines or not. We are not obligated to notify in advance the user who posted the material.

This control extends to user accounts, too. We may remove the privilege of posting from any account when we judge it necessary to maintain the integrity of the site. We may ban a user from accessing an account due to violations of site guidelines; a ban on account usage may occur after a number of guidelines or after a single, egregious incident (as in the case of spammers).

• On Posting Language •

This is an English-language site. Posts made in other languages are subject to removal and the user subject to censure. Links to sites that use other languages are also subject to censure and may be regarded as spam links.

• On Adult Language •

This is an adults-only site, so we have no objections to the use of adult language. Users may speak directly and frankly about sexual matters (eg., you can talk about "fucking" instead of using euphemisms) without problem. Posts may include a bit of salty language here, the same as in most casual environments encountered in daily life. We will rein in users if we find their use to be excessive, with official censure if the excessive use continues. Keep the use of profanities to a minimal or moderate level and all will be well.

• On IP Rights •

We expect every user to use their own words when posting, or to observe applicable copyright laws when posting. If the user is quoting somebody else, then we expect to see credit given the author (and an attribution showing the source or a link to it, if appropriate). We also expect quoting to follow fair use guidelines, so quoting an entire article or blog post is right out, unless you have the express permission of the author.

• On Posting Images •

Users may post images to the site, on profiles and in discussion threads. We expect the images to be posted legally, which means having the rights or express permission to post. We expect the images to have content that is R-rated or milder, meaning that explicit images of genitalia or overt sexual activity is prohibited. We prohibit the posting of images that suggest or support child porn or snuff porn or other content we deem highly objectionable. We also prohibit the posting of images that promote hate groups of any sort.

We ask that the images files posted to the site, particularly those posted in discussion threads, be limited in size.

• On Commercial Activity •

This is a non-commercial site. We do not exist for sellers to hawk their wares. On the other hand, we realize that there are some products that may be of great interest to our users. Therefore, we allow limited posting of commercial links.

The only commercial links that may be posted are those that are directly poly-related. Poly-specific or poly-friendly dating sites may be linked. Sites touting books on polyamory may be linked. Articles discussing aspects of poly life can be linked. If it's poly-related, it can be linked to in discussion posts.

Users may also place links in signature files to personal, non-commercial sites. Links to personal blogs (on topics other polyamory) are OK, as are links to band pages and the like. As long as the links are non-commercial in nature, they may appear in a signature file. Users may not link to personal business sites (no, you may not tout your home siding business in your sig file).

In those areas of the site that aren't common--user profiles--users may link to their personal business sites or to activist sites (such as animal rescue organizations) or to other sites they really like. We prohibit links to porn sites and sites that advocate illegal activity (and any other sites that we find inappropriate).

We also prohibit the use of the PM system to make commercial pitches. Spamming via PM is treated the same as spamming via discussion post.

Repeated pimping of any site, even though it's noncommercial, in discussion posts, may also qualify as spamming activity. This site does not exist for users to push their pet projects.

• On Topical Posting •

When posting a thread, make certain that it is on topic. Each of the discussion boards on the site is intended for threads of a specific nature, so users are expected to post threads on the appropriate board. While the mod staff has no problem with moving a thread to a different board if a user makes a mistake in posting, repeated posting of threads to inappropriate boards is subject to censure.

When replying to a thread, please keep responses on topic for that thread. We expect a bit of meandering in discussions, though extensive joking and tangents unrelated to the original post obstruct discussion. We expect users to limit such asides--breaking them out into separate threads, if necessary--and will act to limit egregious instances of off-topic posting.

• On Propaganda •

These boards are not soapboxes for pushing any particular political or religious views or organizations.

• On Editing Posts •

Users have a 12-hour window for editing posts. Once that 12-hour time limit has passed, a user will not be able to correct or delete a post. Please carefully consider what gets posted, as it may become a permanent addition to the site's content.

The Discussion Boards

We have three major areas on the site: Site Usage; Polyamory; and Dating & Friendships. Within each area are boards dedicated to specific types of discussion.

• On the Site Usage Boards •

This section of the site is, of course, home to these guidelines. We advise that users check for updates to the guidelines every so often. The broad strokes of the guidelines won't vary, though the explanations may change from time to time as we work to make them easier to understand or to offer more examples of things to avoid doing.

• On the Polyamory Boards •

This is the heart of the site, where the discussions of the ins and outs of the polyamorous experience can be found. There are currently ten boards available in this section.
• Articles -- Ideas for articles for a planned front page expansion of the site
• Introductions -- New users introduce themselves here
• Poly Relationships Corner -- Discussion of specific relationship issues
• General Poly Discussions -- Discussion of a more theoretical nature
• Life Stories & Blogs -- Users post their personal stories here
• Meetings and Events -- Broadcast information about local events here
• Spirituality & Polyamory -- Discussion of how the two meet
• Press and Media Coverage -- This includes academic research inquiries
• Fireplace -- Space to discuss everything not dealing with polyamory
• Golden Nuggets -- A collection of links to notable posts and discussions

Note: The threads on the Blog board receive special treatment. Each thread is the personal blog of the user who started it. The blogs are *not* threads where open debate and criticism is expected. Think of the blogs as protected space, wherein the blog author can disallow any discussion posts that he or she doesn't like from others. Respect the blogs as protected space.

• On the Dating & Friendships Boards •

There are currently five boards available in this section. Each of the boards is devoted to a geographical area of the world and is available for the posting of personal ads. This is not a forum for discussion about the content of the ads unless you are replying out of interest because you are interested in them. If you wish to discuss the content of someones personal ad please quote it and take it to the General Discussion forum.
When speaking of various forms of ain't poly if you're just fucking around.

While polyamory, open relationships, and swinging are all distinctly different approaches to non-monogamy, they are not mutually exlusive. Folks can, and some do, engage in more than one of them at a time--and it's all good.

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