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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Could you and G both agree to date separate people? At least for a time since you had a recent experience where dating the same person was so terrible? Then you can relax with that agreement in place.

He could feel an attraction but he DOES NOT have to do anything about it or act on it you know. Esp if he's got agreements to meet with you.

Is he trustworthy or not?

Hi galagirl,

thanks for replying, both G and L( the girl) have said that if I don't want G there they are happy but part of me wants her to myself but the other part of me wants me and G to have a relationship with her, at certain parts of our relationship with J was lovely but then the lies and the mess ruined it all, it has made it really hard to think about trusting him again.

when he told J he loved her, he didn't tell me first (as I asked him too), I asked him if he loved her and he said he didn't know but he already told her at this point, he has said that L is very pretty and I know she is and I am happy with him thinking this.

I could see myself caring L, this scares me a little and makes me sad because if J was still my gf I know this would make her jealous and sad ( I would not want this you understand) but now I know she isn't here to have these feelings and it makes me cry.

I am sad to say I am unsure if he is, would he do it again and lie? I don't think he will but I thought this the first time.

maybe I am going to fast, thinking about seeing with another girl that isn't my J breaks my heart but I can't let this girl down because I am a emotional wreak.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.

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