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Default how do I get past this?

hi everyone, ( nearly a month ago) we heard via text my gf and her partner wanted to break up with me and G, heartbroken and numb was how I felt, I fought to get to them to see us, to be ignore... J would only text G but only text me to shout at me, I am not over them both but I keep really a mix of love and hate for her, everything she has done to me. I have started to this girl it wasn't looked for but not rejected, she is coming to see me at the weekend, but here are my worries:

what if she meets G, they fall in love
she becomes more interested in him than me (happened with J and G)
he lies again

I don't want them meeting, I am unfair to do this?

I am so scared at being hurt again, am I in the wrong wanting her all to myself because of the past.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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