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Smile me and tribe run down

wow been reading the intros and i have to admite i feel like the old pro compared with some.

I am 34 yr old female cuently in an M sort of. I have been in and out of poly relationships for 21 yrs now. i have either had a poly relationship or no rrelationship i am not built to be only in love with one person. I am bi. though I have only meet 5 or 6 women I was interested in having a relationship with. i joke I'm not confused I'm greedy.

let see history firsat relationship was a group of about 20 all older then me so by just a few years and some by quite a lot. the Alpha of that pack was 8 yrs older then me and i was still a young teen so their were many many probllems in that relationship including his abuse of most of the others and just a constent struggle with in his pack for status. trust me pack is the proper term for that group they had a lot of infighting and controle isues and you could put the voice over or any documentry on wolves as the sound track for them. so ater about 3 and a half years i got out. thank you friends for helping me see the light. (like i said it was an abusive situation in every way possible)

next i was a spoke on a wheel or my best friend he had about 7 girlfriends other then me. I think only 3 of us new their were others and i might of been the only one who new of all the others. we broke up because i wasn't comfortable abouut his lies to the others and well it was just strange to date your best friend.

then came 4 years of being single and just uninterested in any relationships. I still had issues i was working through from the first group but i knew i didn't want to be just part of a couple. I wanted to find a nice loving non-abusive group i could spend the rest of my life as part of. during those 4 years i had maybe 10 first dates but never more as noone seemed to gel and well the Alpha from group 1 was sort of stalking me. So I was really scared of getting into another relationship. Plus i was trying to finish college and start a carree plus i was helping take care of my very ill grandfather.

It wasn't untill my grandfather died and i was seeing a counsler that i decided i needed to figure out what i wanted. so i went on line joined a few groups and chat rooms and lurked. then one night Fuzzybull said hi we started chating and then talking on the phone. then 2 months later we met for our first date. he brought his wife her wife and child stayed home. 5 months later i moved 5 hrs away from everyone i had ever know to move inwith them. I have since added a husband and between us all we have 5 living children we have lost 2. we live in 2 houses because 1 isn't big enough to hold 10 people. we would need 2 kitchens and at least 7-8 bedrooms and baths. just not economically in our cards right now. love my life we are a stable group that occasionally has dating in people, but i think for the most part we are all happy with the current arangment .

children are ages boy#1 12, boy#2 10, boy#3 8, Girl 4, boy#4 almost 2 and we are thinking we are done. though if we added in another few lines and maybe more kids we would all be ok with it as well. I actually would love it but not sure if the guys would love it.

it is funny cause fuzzy bull his wife and her wife are all signiicantly older then me and my legal husband. but this time it all feels right. I am extreamly lucky in my life no matter what the problems may be 'cause i have the best support system in the world.
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