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rory - thanks

Ocean's out having a beer with the in-laws (his girlfriend Menrva and her husband Bert). Grotto and I were invited but I decided to stay home instead. Nice to have the house to myself. Have had my father visiting over the weekend and much as I love him, I need a bit of recouperation.

Not just that, though. The five of us caught up around this time last week. Was the first time we'd been together, just us, our current ecosystem. Was pleasant enough. But... I found the elephant in the room really odd.

As Ocean and I walked Grotto home after we'd had drinks with Menrva & Bert, I ranted a wee bit. I wasn't angry, but I was pent up.

Yeah. Okay.

I don't understand Menrva & Bert's DADT arrangement, and while I respect it... it kind of frustrates me.

When we meet up, it's not like I desperately want to discuss with Bert the fact that Ocean is fucking his wife but for this to be a taboo point is an itch begging to be scratched. I don't get it!

Grotto, Ocean and I sit around a table with Menrva and Bert. The only reason we're meeting up at all is because Grotto's dating Menrva, and everyone would like to be friendly and get to know each other. And sure, we're friendly and getting to know each other but we can't bring up anything relating to Grotto and Menrva being a couple or else something (what?) will break. Everyone knows that everyone knows. But no one can say it out loud. Eh?

That was the gist of my rant. Ocean acknowledged that it was "somewhat odd" (I love the way he puts things), but added that it didn't bother him too much because it was simply respecting Bert's wishes. I totally get that, and it was why I kept off the topic when we were all together. But... yeah. I find those vibes to be really strange. Grotto feels the same way. I guess we're finding it hard to empathise.

Ocean kicked me out of the house for the first time yesterday morning To be accurate, he sweetly asked me if I wouldn't mind being out by 9am. I was happy to oblige. It's the first time I've needed to make myself scarce because he had a date. So cute! Sometimes I think I'm more excited about this shit than he is. Gotta watch that

Both he and Menrva really want the ability to stay the night with each other but it's a current boundary for Bert. He's away for work next week for two nights and it'll be their first sleep over. I really hope that this is a boundary they are able to negotiate going forward, cos Menrva is struggling a bit with feeling that the relationship is real when it's quite stilted. Ocean mentioned missing day-to-day things like going shopping together.

Ah. He's really fallen for her. I got a little bit scared yesterday when I realised how badly he could crash over this. Romance can be so treacherous

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