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Originally Posted by dante8198 View Post
By "worth fighting for", I mean that I don't want to just tell Kim to pound sand because Sara doesn't want me to have that kind of relationship. Which I suppose answers my own question. Its worth the discussion with my wife.
I removed my original reply because I sometimes can be blunt, and I thought galagirls's softer approach may be more helpful to you than my blunt approach. Since you quoted me and answered me, I'll tell you the rest of what I was thinking.

There are people who swing with the intention of getting sex without emotional involvement. Emotions happen when they want to. They happened to you.

I would stop looking at your situation as though your wife is getting in the way of what you want. I would not assume by leaving your wife and going to Kim, under your present circumstances, you will be happier than you are now.

The best thing you can do is to take a step back from the urgency you feel and talk to your wife in depth about her needs and your needs. Having a conversation with her that is deeper and more intimate than the two of you have ever had before will move your relationship with her to a new place. That new place may help both of you understand what's going on a little better. Reacting to your urgent feelings is not going to help you.

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