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Originally Posted by bluechip View Post
Like I said girls who say they are not turned on by men shaving seem to change their minds if you are passionate about how you treat them during sex, and not being selfish is a major turn on no matter what.
Well, duh. Doesn't matter if a guy is hairy or hairless if he's a selfish ass.

Originally Posted by InspirationFlow View Post
I have a lot of body hair in general, and it just got way too sweaty & pungent as the pubic hair grew.
But you don't understand. Assuming a guy is clean and bathes regularly, of course, those of us who like men to be natural LOVE the smell that pubic hair holds. Sure, smoothness down there is nice, but weird. When my lover lets his grow in a little, I just bury my face in his bush and inhale deeply. I tell him all the time how good his crotch smells when he isn't clean-shaven. Maybe it's just that I am older -- most of my adult life, it was a given that naked people have bushes and that fragrance is part of the experience. I blame internet porn for the lack of appreciation for pubic hair. Supposedly mothers are having their young daughters shave or wax as soon as it starts to grow. This is insanity - if people were meant to be hairless, we wouldn't have hair to begin with.
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