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Whoa, what? How am I hurting many? There's not been anybody else in 7 years that was remotely interested in me.

And the two guys I mentioned in my OP would never have been okay with sharing. Not in a million years.

Like I said, it was tongue in cheek. You only hurt the ones you turned away. If you didn't turn them away, and they couldn't handle poly in the first place, you probably didn't hurt anyone.

At some point, you have to develop your own moral standards, or choose those which are spoonfed by a religion or the society in general. I didn't like being spoonfed by a bunch of (excuse my reference) "trained monkeys" who were trained by the monkeys before them, and apparently were misguided into thinking that you can spend your life loving just one other person, and the rest of the world can go to hell. It just doesn't create a great societal model, if you can understand that relational thought.

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