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nd then 10,000, and then 100,000 - and then WE TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Of course, we'll have to invent some impending man-made disaster that only we can prevent, and convince the UN to pass legislation grnating us unheard of power to enforce new laws as th eonly means to curb said disaster, but hey - it's been done before. I'm sure we can find a University somewhere to write bad computer code and manipulate data for us...

Wow - I got a little poitical there. Sorry! I guess ya'll know what's been occupying my time lately, lol.

I've seen this growth phenomonon several times on the car boards I'm a member of, and elsewhere. Word gets out. And more and more posts on more and more topics by more and more members causes more and more search engine results to lead to this source which brings more members and more posts about more topics encouraging a still wider variety of searches to lead here - and that's on top of word of mouth. It just goes faster and faster!
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